Lulztech Printer Hacking

26-27 October 2013, CQ Function Centre, Melbourne, Australia

Date Sunday 27 October
Time 1:00 PM
Location TBA

Lulztech is modifying code for a financial institution to secure its online services in preparation for the proposed data breach laws. During your 15 minutes of actual work today you have to submit your TPS report, but the printer has jammed. You need to get it out and submitted in the next 60 seconds or you'll be working over the weekend. The first to submit their TPS report will win the round. The loser will be working the weekend, m'ok?

There will be two matches in the 1st round, with the winners progressing to the 2nd and final round. The winner will be crowned tech support lead for Lulztech and presented with a red swingline stapler.


  1. You can only dislodge your paper jam with a baseball bat. Punching the printer while shouting "What the fuck is PC Load Letter?!?!" is also acceptable.
  2. You must submit the entire TPS Report form. If the paper is torn you need to submit all the pieces.
  3. You must wear goggles, gloves and your Lulztech ID badge while providing tech support to the printer.
Organised by Iozine,